How To Preserve Endangered Species

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1. Introduction
Endangered species, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), occur when total number of species “decrease below the number required for fruitful proliferation, because organism cannot have mating partners or their genetic pool loses the needed diversity”. In addition, species are threatened with extinction by natural or human adjustment in its habitat. The research which was conducted by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in the early 2009 indicated that compared with the figure of ten years ago, the number of recent tigers has plunged by 40 percent, hit a trough of 3,200 tigers. Similarly, the mountain gorillas are considered to be a critically endangered subspecies, with approximately 720 existing in the wild and just over 200 living in national parks. Such figure gives mankind stern warnings about saving endangered species from extinction. Lack thesis statement
Therefore, this paper, with the aim of helping preserve endangered species will discuss the causes, the
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It cannot be denied that if one plant or animal becomes endangered and gets extinct, the potential advantages, especially a source of medicine, will be forfeited. This is because these plants could include thousands of important compounds that can prolong the mankind lifespan. A case in this point is digitalis which interfered the death of millions of people. This herb is used to treat irregular heartbeat, congestive heart failure, constipation, asthma, headache or heal burns and wounds. Besides, animals own medical properties. Researchers utilize sharks for the study of cancer, frogs for producing compounds that prevent infection and lizards for manufacturing toxin that may benefit diabetes sufferers. However, in the not distant future, human being would be able to experience the loss of species along with the removal of great achievements (source?)

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