Essay On Greek Civilization

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The Greek civilization was left scattered with migrant settlers Who listened to Homeric tales Homeric means to relate or act in the style of Homer a Greek poet It also relates to the Bronze age which was the period between the stone and iron age. Few city-states survived during the Bronze Age. Yet, Athens was an exception, they were one of the largest of the city-states. Many city-states were placed on the fortified high point of ancient Athens with a town surrounded by villages and agricultural land. Other Greeks remained as a nation or stayed within a clan. These towns later had stone walls and gates built to protect them from other Greeks. Most Greeks were farmers who were struggling with the after effects of deforestation and relied on these resources. This led to them importing resources from the Black sea. The resources they did use that was found in where they lived was animals but not for food, which lead to the Mediterranean diet being established early on. The way civilization worked was based on the geography of Greece.separate city-states were independent and each had a different way of running their affairs. These states…show more content…
These ideas were rejected by the usual gentle arts in other Greek states. There was a system of natural selection from the beginning of an infant's' life. Genders were separated from the age of seven, boys were brought up in military training camps and then later sent to steal and kill their own food. Girls at a later stage in their lives were to be a wife and be shared by seven Spartan brothers. There were two kings and a senior counsel of men aged sixty and above, who held meetings with only male citizens. This constitution allowed the city-state to avoid tyranny while also providing their fighters an equal say. The Spartans shunned modernization. They relied on a semi-permanent army which resulted in a dominant military state which caused anxiousness within the other
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