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So the family and parents instill good behaviours and try to make responsible citizens out of their children. So home is basically the first school for the children but formal and proper education starts form the school where they are instructed how to behave and comprehend. Importance of Education “The foundation of every state is the education of its youth”. Diogenes Laertius For every human being it is necessary to acquire knowledge. This makes a person comprehend what’s going around him/her. The educated person has the ability to make right choices and decisions at the perfect right time. So human existence without education is just like a sterile barren land. It enables people to best utilize their potential and achieve something big and profitable in future. It as well plays a great role in shaping a person in to a better human being, responsible citizen and active member of society. The quality of an educated person is that…show more content…
The major problem at hand is the allocation of fund which is very low in Pakistan. It is only 1.5-2.0% of total GDP which should be around 7% of total GDP.
At that budget distribution, the rate of illiteracy will increment extensively. The fedral and provincial governments need to cut down uses in different areas and spend a greater extent of the annual expenditure on education.
6. Untrained Teachers
The system of education in majority of public schools and universities is well below par; the teachers in government schools are just not well trained. Lamentably, every one of those who 've failed to get jobs attempt their fortunes in the Education area, and such individuals can 't educate a Nation. 7. Poverty
Finally, the biggest of all, poverty is a famine we’ve been stricken with, forever. Poverty has over the years, restricted people to send their children to schools. Instead, the free Madrassah culture is on the rise where worldly education still remains well below

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