Essay On Importance Of Internet

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INTERNET • INTERNET : MEANING AND EVOLUTION Internet, a word known by every human across the world. Internet can be defined as a connected group of computer networks allowing for communication electronically the Internet was released to the world in 1972. The Internet, the largest global communication. A network connecting millions of computers It is a great help for everybody as it has reduced the work as well as stress of people. We can connect globally with people all around the world with the help of internet. ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency network) developers were the founder of internet. Nowadays internet is used worldwide for various use. Especially youngsters are users of it as they are generation which is using such a technology which can help to reach…show more content…
The computer, within initial years of its launch has completely launched new era for technology and changed the life styles of the people all across the world. Internet has become an important part of our life. It is used to search and collect information on any and every topic and is thus, helpful in education. You can use the internet to book reservations for cabs, trains, flights and hotel rooms. You can communicate with other over the internet through emails, online chats, video conference, social networks, newsgroups and blogs. You can also send electronic greeting cards to friends and relatives. You can even buy and sell goods and services via the internet. Now, the Internet has revolutionized communication systems and even our attitudes towards everything. Old are the days of the usage of fax and the mail services. E-mail has replaced the habitual mail services. Internet has given us the main exciting mode of communications the e-mail. We can mail e-mail to the entire corners of the world. The data charge of internet for transferring E-mail is very
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