Essay On Influenza In Children

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Flu in Children

Influenza is a very contagious viral disease that is more common during the winter months. The infection can cause anything from a mild cold symptoms to severe pain, fever, chills and vomiting.

Influenza Infections are usually divided into three types. Type A is the most common but also the most serious, with severe symptoms and rapid dissemination.

Infections Influenza Type A usually come every two or three years. When a new type of such influenza virus emerges, it can cause epidemics spreading between countries, like the "bird flu" in 2006 and "swine flu" in 2009. Type B produces less severe symptoms and pops up every four or five years. Type C is the mildest variant with symptoms of the common cold .

Common flu symptoms include a dry cough, headache, high fever , muscle and joint pain. Sometimes the victim is also running clear runny nose, redness of the white of the eye, sore throat, chest pain, chills and upset
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The infection usually heal by itself after seven to ten days, but it can be tiring in two to three weeks afterwards. The main treatment is rest, sleep and plenty of liquid.

If necessary, the prescription antiviral drugs suppress the infection.

To alleviate this flu

- Make sure the child drinks regularly
The child should stay calm and sleep much
- If the fever is high, you can give antipyretic and analgesic (paracetamol for children over six months, even ibuprofen for the older children)

Can I help my child avoid infection?
It is difficult to protect themselves against influenza because the infection is very contagious and is carried through the air or through contact. As soon as an infected person coughing, he can infect others. A day after the fever has disappeared person is not as contagious anymore.
The best way to avoid infection is to prevent people who carry the infection. Make sure your children are outside a
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