Essay On Mass Media And Environmental Issues

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The role of media in the society is to educate and inform the public. Mass media perform the role of agenda-setting which makes mass media audience to consider as important any issue which the media concentrate on (Maxwell McCombs & Donald Shaw). Our civilization has evolve into an organized and developed society after a long period of time. In pursuit of materialistic comfort, the development became largely an economic activity for every society. In recent years there has been a considerable industrialization across the world and this concept of development include many environmental problems within it. The problem of environmental degradation is becoming the central issue amid the development everywhere. Communication has been in the spotlight of development for the recent years or we can say that first,…show more content…
(Murch, 1971; Atwater et al., 1985; Wilkins, 1987). Despite the minimal media coverage of environmental issues, the environment is becoming a bigger and bigger issue, gaining the most publicity. The role of media in the development of environmental issues for public concern is a perspective which goes beyond ignoring the contribution of agenda setting, public opinion, and mass media research approaches in the study of mass media and environmental issues. (Anderson Hansen 1991). These different approaches capable of explaining why media concern about environmental issues fades in and out of the focus, and why some issues come to enjoy more prominence while other, ‘serious’, issues fall by the wayside.(Anderson Hansen 1997). The education and awareness level too affects the understanding of environmental issues as a big concern. It is important to increase the literacy level with citizens of India, awareness programs for the public and other government departments and agencies (UNEP,

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