Essay On Nursing Immunization

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Working in the healthcare setting, a nurse will be faced with kinds of predicament. In the healthcare setting, nurses are faced with cultural and personal belief from families and patients. These beliefs and values sometimes affect the way nurses care for and educate patients. Nurse must be able to address concern that will benefit the client in their teaching. In the case with Angie and Mark from the neighborhood assignment, I will educate them the benefit of immunization and the risk of not immunizing. Patient comes into a healthcare setting with information on why they are refusing immunization for their children. As a nurse, we need to educate patients about how most websites are not reliable and that some research is bias and is not based on factual evidence. Nurse needs to have available resource providing the information to patient and their families.
The type of teaching I could carry out the reason behind immunization is that immunization protect those we care about. I will also …show more content…

Teaching that can be done to educate the public should be based on facts and to show evidence that support the effectiveness of immunization. The public need to know the statistics of the benefits of immunization in the America and other part of the world. Parents who refuse immunization for their ignorance has changed the life. When parents come out and talk about devastating experience of life only they have immunized their child, they would have protected them from preventable diseases. Educate the public about how mist diseases such as smallpox has been educated because of immunization. Explain the herd immunity, when its important and how it works. Inform the public that the less immunize people out there children are not immunize and are affected with diseases. There are lots of ways to utilized resources to enforce teaching on immunization such as advertisement, commercial, pamphlet, evidence based websites and through public health fair held within

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