Animal Extinction Pros And Cons

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Species extinction has been one of the most serious environmental issues since the past centuries. Scientists have estimated that the current extinction rate is between one thousand to ten thousand times higher than the natural extinction rate. Every year, between 0.1 and 0.01% of species become extinct (Chivian & Bernstein, 2008). However, with recent breakthroughs in stem cell research, there is a glimpse of hope that this situation is about to change. The developments in bioscience technology has allowed for extinct species to be revived through methods of cloning, selective breeding and genetic engineering. This phenomena is also referred to as “de-extinction”, which is a topic widely discussed over the media in recent years. The movie…show more content…
The benefits of the use of this technology also comes with a high price. The priorities of the environmental issues should instead be more widely discussed and promoted instead of a technology that is unsafe, unreliable and brings insecurities to the public. The idea of de-extinction might be amazing and interesting, but it is impractical due to the fact that it brings more harm than good especially in the long term. However, it is undeniable and inevitable that the bioscience technology will continue to develop and flourish. Hence, more attention and resources would definitely be put into stem cell research technology as well as the technology of species revivalism. For de-extinction to be supported by more people, the implications that comes with it ought to be successfully resolved. A balance has to be achieved such that the negative impacts would not outdo and overshadow the positive effects. Since science is constantly having positive achievements and breakthroughs, it might be highly possible that in coming years de-extinction might be successfully achieved without negative effects
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