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Toddler bed wetting can be a very unwelcome problem in the middle of the night but it is a very common problemToddler Bed Wetting. Here we have a look at how you can make it easier for you and your toddler. The key theme for toddler bed wetting is to stay relaxed and calm and don''t panic or scold your child. Gaining bladder control at night time is usually a gradual process, it takes time and can come in fits and starts. Kids wetting pants or pyjamas is a nuisance at any age but you need to try and respond always with patience and reassurance.

Toddler bed wetting at some point during your child''s toddler years is almost inevitable. Sometimes a child is dry for months and then returns to bed wetting - possibly triggered by changes in his …show more content…

So firstly do not attempt to put your toddler in bed without a nappy on until he is totally secure in being dry during the day. Causes of bedwetting vary and differ to a child''sage. For your child to stay dry his body has to be able to recognise the feeling of a full bladder and be able to wake up and make his way to the toilet, or for his body to be able to hold on until it is morning time. Being able to go to the toilet at night time requires a number of different bodily functions to work. The kidneys produce urine which is then stored in the bladder. When the bladder is full nerves in the wall of the bladder send a message to the brain telling it that it needs to be emptied. The brain "hears" the message and arouses your child from their sleep. If something in this process does not happen then your child will wet the bed. However, usually toddler bed wetting usually means that he simply is not yet developmentally able to stay dry during the night.

Bedwetting punishment simply won''t help the bed wetting problem and will only dent your child''s confidence and lower his self-esteem. Even though a wet bed during the night or morning is a nuisance for you to deal with children don''t wet the bed while they are asleep because they want to. Your child has a wet bed because their bladder was full and waking and getting up to go to the toilet is currently beyond their control - they have not yet reached that developmental

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