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The birth on the earth is helpless, but this helplessness may be treated as a blessing rather than a curse. Life is based on learning. The child is not developed physically and mentally at the time of birth; basic milestones have to be taught. In words of Charles Darwin, “the mother nature has made human life capable of gaining a lot of knowledge. In other words, we can say that child learns according to the demand of nature.” Thus it becomes imperative for a child to receive a proper education. The famous educator once said, "Education is our birth right”. -Pestalozzi “Some people regard education as a luxury or a kindness of the society bestowed upon the child. Whereas some regard it as a necessity and society is responsible to make provision for it “(Pestalozzi, ….). Not only in present age, but also in the past, Educators have been paying attention to the qualitative and quantitative development of education. After Independence of India in 1947, under the Article 45 of the constitution of India, Government decided to make the provisions for “free and compulsory education for all children in the age group of 6 to 14 years”. This was named Universalization of Education. Universalization of Education includes all elements of universalization, i.e., universalization of provision, universalization of element and…show more content…
Measures have been adopted at all the levels to bridge the gender gaps and finish up all sorts of caste and class differences. The Indian government has been a signatory to several international treaties and declarations and has been working immensely to make education accessible to all children in the country. The number of schools and the enrolment has been on a continuous rise highlighting the importance being given to education and its

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