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(F) MOTIVATION AND MORALE. STRESS LEVELS AND STRESS RELEASE MECHANISMS. What is stress? Stress is define as a burden or tension that will change our behavior. It is a state of mental and emotional anxiety or tension that will affects our health and influence our behavior when we feel uncomfortable and unhappy with certain things that happened surroundings us. Usually the stress response is described as “fight or flight or freeze” reaction. For an example, we will argue, scolding people and always be alone when we are in stress condition. There are many causes of stress and everyone has different stress causes. According to the statistics in United States, forty percent of U.S workers admit that the biggest source of stress in their lives is work stress. The causes of work stress is they feel uncomfortable when doing job in…show more content…
This is to ensure that we always have a positive mind set to get the job done. Mr.Guna always give importance to time. He will make sure that all of his workers always be punctual and he also will get the order done before the customer reached his company. The employees who have a specific reason are forgiven if they were late to come for work. Besides that, cleanness were also given important by Mr.Guna. He want all of his workers work under a clean environment. Although his company is not as big as Apple Company, but he still pay salary for a women from Indonesia who are responsible to sweep the company floor and washes the toilets daily. From here, I can prove that Mr.Guna are very particular about the cleanness in his company. In addition, Mr.Guna is a responsible man. If he failed to full fill his customer’s requirements, he will redo the order although he lose half from his profit. Sometimes, the careless mistakes or errors done by his employee will also affect his profit. He have to bear all the losses and redo the order to satisfy his customer’s

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