Ethical Values In Nursing

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Ethical values offer a framework for behavior assessment, and nursing values influence nurses-goals strategies & action, all lettercard review was adopted in order to determine and define ethical values for nurses

Materials and Methods: -

This literature review was conducted based on the center for reviews and dissemination guidelines. The key worlds used to search relevant sources were nursing ethics ethical values, and nursing values the search of articles in English was carried out in medicines, CINAHL. Pub Med, Scopus, Ovid, & Proudest databases the search of articles in Persian was conducted in databases of magi ran, SID & I random publications. After assessing and analyzing the obtained data, 13 articles, which had a distinct definition of ethical values, were chosen and subjected to a thorough study Results: -

The search yielded 10- nursing ethical values. Human privacy, dignity, justice, autonomy in decision making, precision and accuracy in caring, commitment, human relation-ship, sympathy, honesty, and individual & professional competency.


This study showed that common ethical values are generally shared within the global community. However, in several areas, influences of social, cultural, and economical status and religious beliefs on values result in a different definition of these values. This study revealed that based on humanistic nature of nursing, common values in nursing protect human dignity and respect to the patients.

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