Examples Of Gender Inequality Between Men And Women

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There are many pressures in the world encouraging people to confuse and homogenize gender differences. Many claim that men and women aren’t really different at all. Some claim that men are actually different from the women biologically. According to study published in the open anatomy journal one essential difference is how empathy and logic are displayed between the sexes. While men’s brains are proportionally larger than females, women’s brains have more nerve cells and connectors, which make them more sensitive than the males. Technically, we can all say that with these, men tend to be more logical while women are more sensitive. This has therefore brought up a huge
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Gender gap can also be defined as the measurable difference that exists between males and females in access to some social good or benefit based solely on their difference in gender. In the work place gender gap refers to job opportunities and salary differences. These days, when economists speak of the “gender gap”, they usually are referring to the systematic differences in the outcomes that men and women achieve in the labour market. Although we’ve come a long way addressing inequality between men and women, it still persists today. The “gender gap” shows us how unequal access to opportunities maintains inequality between the men and women. There is a number of different ways we can think about the gender gap. Let’s talk on how this gender gap has favoured men in the walks of…show more content…
In Africa, we have this mentality that men should be sent to school and not women because they believe that women eventually end up as housewives. So therefore, men’s education is more paramount to attain than women’s education. They often believe that men are heads of the family. They therefore need the education a lot more to be the bread winner of the family. This point also favours men in the walks of life.
Politics also play a good role in all this. More men are found in the political sectors. Nigeria as a case study: never have we ever had a female president due to the fact that Nigerians have basically made it more ideal that men ought to rule. In the last election a woman contested for presidency but some Nigerians didn’t notice her and those that noticed her ignored her because she was a women. In Nigeria, people believe that woman don’t have what it takes to be a president. This in some way has actually affected the political system in Nigeria. This is actually a favour to men in the walks of life.
I guess we’ve giving a lot of points on how the gender gap between the men and women in their walks of life favours men. However there are always two sides of a coin, so therefore regardless of the fact that gender gap favours men, it also favours women.

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