Examples Of Parallelism In Hatchet

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The literary techniques that are used in “Hatchet” are parallelism, personification, and anomotopea. Gary Polsen uses parallelism to describe an emotion the character is feeling by repeating one word over and over again. One example of parallelism is in section three of chapter 13, which states “Turn, smell, listen, feel, and then a sound, a small sound”. The second example is in section 15 in chapter 17, which says “He took out the wing and tail feathers, which were stiff and long and pretty-banded speckled in browns and grays and light reds.” The third and final example of parallelism is in chapter 19, which says “Out one at a time to examine them, turn the in the light, touch them and feel them with his hands and eyes”. These are

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