Explain Why Do Teens Follow The Following Fashion Trends

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Why do teens continue to follow the latest fashion trends?

A lot of us may want to feed their satisfaction so they follow the latest fashion trends. There are different fashion trends that suit us and some may not. Lots of people would look toward media influence for popularizing different and unique trends. Fashion came a very long way from the beginning which men simply needed clothing to protect himself until technology came. Technology gave us information that easily spreads around the globe. According to Burke (2013), “It sped up fashion cycles even more than before.” Teens in today’s society have different opinions towards fashion statements. The following are reasons why teens follow the latest fashion trends. First, teens tend to follow the latest fashion trends to gain attention from others, to fit in with others and to prove one self’s identity. Lastly are reasons that can help teens stop following fashion trends and just be unique to their own self.
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According to Iyer (2012), “Once teens have picked up on what’s hot, fashion becomes a tool for them to feed their insecurities.” Teens do feel inadequate when their clothes aren’t branded or fake. A teen would get some attention from others if him/her clothes are branded and expensive. They tend to brag this on the social media world that can make others jealous or feel empty of themselves. They gain attention because they want to be noticed and named as a famous person or a fashion icon. For my opinion, teens should dress according to their age. As a Grade 9 student from St. Scholastica’s College, we have a Benedictine hallmark called simplicity. As a sign of respect for our body and others as well. We dress not to impress but to show how unique we are from

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