External Dissemination Plan

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Dissemination Plan Internal. To best disseminate Braden screening internally, it is important to include all acute care staff nurses, charge nurses, nurse administrators, case managers, unlicensed assistive personnel and involved hospital administrators. It is also important to include the acute care physicians, so that they are aware of the problem and intervention on a collaborative basis. A series of lunch and learn sessions, where staff members from each acute care shift can be exposed to the problem (including the prevalence of HAPUs in the acute care setting), the Braden Scale Screening solution, as well as an overview of benefits, costs and savings. This would be an opportunity to gain rapport with staff, and gain traction with early-adopters who will be key to ensuring a culture of taking the intervention seriously, as well as following the protocols and reporting procedures. That meeting would then be followed by a more specific presentation that will detail the steps of the assessment and intervention process with the staff nurses during a formal in-service training that should be able to be conducted in two to three hours. The use of a video or graphic …show more content…

For optimal external dissemination, a great start could include presentations to professional healthcare organizations, like the American Nurses Association or the American Association of Acute Care Nurses. Additionally, presentation can be conducted at conferences, research events and industry seminars. By presenting the proposed project to these professional organizations, key contacts and connections to other potential stakeholders can open doors to gain more acceptance, resources and commitment to implementing the change proposal on a larger scale. The more health care professionals that are exposed to the change proposal and potential benefits, the greater the possibility of having better outcomes for every patient, and preventing the prevalence of HAPUs in the acute care

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