Famous Football Coach Vincent Lombardi

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Famous football coach Vincent Lombardi was born in Brooklyn, New York, on June 11, 1913. Lombardi was the oldest of five brothers and sisters and the son of an Italian immigrant, Vince Lombardi was raised in the Catholic Church. At the age of 15, Lombardi enrolled at the Cathedral College of Immaculate Conception, where he intended to study to become a priest. Two years later, however, Lombardi changed his mind and bolted for the St. Francis Preparatory School. There, he started playing football and started at the fullback position, starting his football career Fordham University. At Fordham, Lombardi was one of the footballs team 's "Seven Blocks of Granite, “that was the nickname for the team 's unstoppable offensive line.
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In 1939, Vince Lombardi wanted to marry his girlfriend, Marie Planitz, but his father would only allow it If he got a steady job to support his family. In 1939, Lombardi accepted a job as an assistant coach at St. Cecilia (which closed in 1986). St Cecilia was a Roman Catholic high school in Englewood, New Jersey. Lombardi was offered the position by the school 's new head coach, Lombardi 's former Fordham teammate, quarterback Andy Palau. Palau had just taken over the head coaching job from another Fordham teammate, Nat Pierce (left guard), who had accepted an assistant coach job at Fordham. In addition to coaching, Lombardi at age 26, also taught Latin, chemistry, and physics for a salary of under $1,000 at the high school. When Andy Palau left for Fordham in 1942, Lombardi became the head coach at St. Cecilia. Lombardi stayed a of eight years at St. Cecilia, five years as the head coach. In 1943, St. Cecilia 's was titled ‘’The top football team in the nation’’, most of their fame was because of their victory over Brooklyn Prep, a High school considered one of the best teams on the American in the east coast. In the season of 1948 , Lombardi accepted a coaching job at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, a position that would influence his future coaching style in a good way. Lombardi served as offensive line coach under legendary head coach Earl "Colonel Red" Blaik. In 1954, Lombardi, age 41, began his NFL career with the New York Giants. He accepted a job that would later become known as the offensive coordinator position under new head coach Jim Lee

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