Fitbit Persuasive Essay

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Since their foundation in 2007, FitBit has empowered users with revolutionary technology capable of tracking activity and reaching fitness goals. However, the rapid advancement of smartphone technology and app development was a threat to the company. In other words, smart-phone compatible wearable technology was on the horizon of FitBit’s impending doom. Competitive forces such as the Apple Watch and various devices through AndroidWear were beginning to tap into the wearable technology industry. This meant early FitBit products were going to be competitively outmatched by superior products. The most significant differentiator was the ability to receive and respond to smartphone notifications. However, other differentiators were mainly aesthetic …show more content…

Swisscom was set up in 1852, and more than 60% of the population used the provider’s mobile network. With the development of Internet, Swisscom decided to develop Internet Protocol Television. However, management found that competitors developed the same product at the same time. As a result, Swisscom decided to use Agile to shorten the development cycle. Obviously, Agile helped Swisscom succeed. First of all, Agile helped them finish IPTV earlier than competitors. According to the article titled “SAFe helps Swisscom deliver industry-leading IPTV to market in half of time” (n.d.), in the history of Swisscom, management usually used more than 36 months when the company developed a new TV platform for the market. However, Agile helped the organization reach a minimally viable product in 8-10 months and completed work after 18 months. Moreover, Agile made Swisscom more flexible. When Swisscom finished one part of the work, customers’ feedback was collected in order to build better products. For instance, Swisscom found that customers preferred to save records for a long time, so Swisscom removed time limits on the storage of …show more content…

Recently, about 165 Agile experts, 800 Scrum experts, and 70 Agile experts’ teams around the world were hired by SSG. In addition, SSG needed to train more Agile experts for itself, that made training – experts can work together and cooperate easily. Obviously, GE had big improvements after using the Agile methodology. Compared with before, if anything had problems in software of GE, the new automated code verification system in SSG found out in minutes but not in hours or

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