Five Signature Strengths

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According to the StrengthsFinder survey, my top five signature strengths/themes are: Ideation, Adaptability, Deliberative, Activator, and Command (StrengthsFinder, 2015). Admittedly, the level of accuracy in which the survey was able to identify some of my traits was surprising. However, these are traits I have been aware of and developed over the years from childhood to present day, but have not had them in such a format that adds context.
The survey results were right about me taking one day at a time – I do not worrying about things such as legacy, long term career goals, and what people think of me – Adaptability. Since childhood, I have always independent – cue latchkey kid poster from the 70’s. As a latchkey kid, I developed self-reliance and strong independence, both traits I recognize and proudly continue to foster today. These traits, I believe in part, influenced me to strike-out and take advantage of every opportunity …show more content…

I am also very action oriented. I tend to talk less, get the facts, and then act – Deliberative and Activator (StrengthsFinder, 2015). By remaining private and ready to “just do it” as the Nike motto instructs, I believe has allowed me to concentrate on things that matter to me, i.e. work, family and personal pursuits, and achieve a level of fulfillment I am happy with.
The survey also indicated Command is my 5th strength (Strengths Finder, 2015). During my career in the Marines, senior officers described me as “brusque” but also a “steadfast comrade”. As I progressed through the ranks, I was always told by my seniors that the hardest word in the English language for a leader is “No”. I did not believe it at first, but soon learned they were right. However, like them, I quickly learned to say “No” and not worry how people felt. I believe learning how to lead at an early age better prepared me for success later in

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