Foreign Policies Of Theodore Roosevelt And Woodrow Wilson

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Foreign policies are the usually developed due to foreign intervention. In the 20th century, Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson were both transformed by this. These two President’s foreign policies had similarities such as being formed through the Spanish war and World War I. Although, they formed in similar circumstances their foreign policies differed in both approach and congressional reaction. Roosevelt and Wilson both experienced war before the creation of their policies. Roosevelt was part of the success in the Spanish-American War he was a temporary Naval Secretary Officer where he was able to destroy the Spanish with the navy and his personal bandwagon group the roughriders in places like the Philippines and Cuba. This war …show more content…

Roosevelt had a good outcome compared to Wilson. Roosevelt got along with Congress very well with the foreign policy. They had approved of the Panama Canal which was a big thing to Roosevelt and the Naval power. Congress also approved the Great White Fleet which was insisted on protecting the Americans from the Japanese by flaunting the navy and sailing it across the world. Roosevelt was also able to complete things in America and create peace between Japan and Russia from the Japanese-Russo war in New Hampshire. While Roosevelt had a smooth ride with Congress Wilson did not. Wilson’s Congress was not in favor of his policies. Wilson’s argued with Congress forever to approve his 14 points which within the 14 points was Wilson’s main prize the League of Nations. This was the main reason Wilson wanted the points to be approved.was to unite the countries in Europe to create an alliance as one. Wilson fought so much with Congress and worldwide leaders that nearly all of his 14 points were diminished and the Treaty of Versailles was created which completely failed. People like Henry Cabot Lodge who was in the Senate fought against the League of Nations and Wilson fought harder by campaigning to people the League of Nations and all of his perks. This was good until Wilson suffered a fatal stroke to where he was bedridden and no longer could speak on his part of the League of Nation. This eventually led to Congress vetoing the League of Nations and diminishing his

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