Four Types Of Conflict In Criminal Justice Organizations

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According to Stojkovic et al. (2012) there are four types of conflicts that occur in criminal justice organizations. First, personal conflict exists within the individual and usually is some form of cognitive conflict. In an organization this type of conflict poses a high risk because of failed expectations of what they thought the organization was. For example, a young woman goes through the recruitment period for a sorority, but later discovers their values are not what they portrayed during rush. Conflict comes in because she is unable to reconcile her own expectations of the members. Changing ones’ personal expectations of the organization may reduce future conflict. Second, group conflict occurs in organizations when individual members disagree on some point of common interest. For example, in a staff meeting between physicians and office managers, a decision to close the office on Christmas Eve. A resolution is essential in this type of situation and may exacerbate conflict that spills out to staff.
Third, intra-organizational conflict involves the structural makeup of an organization that involves delegation by the authorities in the organizations. Finally, …show more content…

Confrontation occurs when ill intent is present between two or more parties. This is followed by Truce, this is when each party is forced to interject a third-party to help resolve the confrontation. Collaboration is inclusive of the previous ill intent from the confrontation, however, but specific activities are accepted by both parties. Cooperation, the intent is neutral while activities are being planned and carried out. The process of interdependence involves both parties working actively towards the common goal of the conflict. Finally, integration both parties reach a common goal and work together to carry out the planned

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