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As if we almost live in a utopia, the America I believe in. In America we are pampered with anything we could possibly even think of but we still claim we have nothing. We live in a First World country making America one of the most dominate countries out there. In today’s society having everything is never enough. We never take the time to realize what we truly have and it is actually quite upsetting, Now picture yourself walking around skin to bone starving to death but this was a regular thing for ordinary people in Third World countries such as the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and other places such as Africa. The America I believe in is the best place to be and we should never take what we have for granted but as a wise man always said, “you never know what you got, until it is gone”. Us Americans ourselves complain about every little thing that doesn 't go our way or other disgusting things such as judge others based on how much money they have. But I bet almost every single one of us would not even last twenty four hours in a Third World country. For then we would finally realize what we have and no longer take advantage of what we have here in America. Here everybody has equal opportunities to be successful in life, in which we are provided costless…show more content…
The America most people believe in is a place where we are able to alot have anything we want in this world but it will still never be enough until we stop walking around as if our eyes were closed and be grateful to even have rights to speak your mind or even just as simple as having food on your plate. But even after reading this entire essay you will wonder why other people call us Americans ungrateful along with many other cold hearted words but honestly based on how we treat others and all the things we take for granted on a daily basis, I would not blame them for the name calling us what they do. I believe that America is beyond blessed as are for the people and I will forever be proud to be an

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