Free Trade In Canada Essay

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The history of Canadian public administration over the years also plays a crucial role in the system. The Canadian public administration system was initially based on the British government system but has since then transformed into a system that is unique to the country (Drysdale, p.37). That interplay evolution made an independent system for Canada, and is a “result of Canada’s political culture, and the need for public administration to adapt over time, while upholding the principles of democracy” (Drysdale, 37). Therefore, the very reason the new Canadian public administration system came to be is because of the interplay of democracy and political culture, which is arguably the greatest influence it has had. The current system in place…show more content…
The relationship between the United States and Canada is another great result of the interplay of democracy and political culture and one of the greatest results of the was the NAFTA. There have always been people who were not particularly happy with the relationship of Canada and U.S, especially those who felt like it was not benefitting Canada, and there also people who doubted that the free trade agreement would ever work. As Inwood states, “the great debate that raged in Canada around the 1988 election concerning free trade was deeply resonant of the political culture of the country and touches on all aspects of public administration” (p.47). The arguments against free trade stated that Canada would not be able to integrate well into the system and that there would be more to lose than gain, while continentalists felt that it was nothing more than an opportunity and economic arrangement (Inwood, p.47). Canada had to make sacrifices when it came down to decision-making and traditional trade remedies, “Moreover, in political culture terms, the free trade debate has become a flash point for those who argue for the supremacy of the free market versus those who argue for a positive, interventionist state-all of which has a direct impact on public administration” (Inwood, 47) The following (Figure 4) is a table of pros and cons that were brought up during the great debate in regards to how the free trade would affect the Canadian
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