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Research Paper (First Draft)
If you’re a doctor… you’re ideally situated to benefit from the highest pay in the healthcare business. There’s just one catch: If you want that big money, you can’t be a woman” (Ross). In the US, women joined the workforce in mass during the late 1900’s. Today there are many females who hold positions as CEO’s, lawyers, and doctors, all of whom are (despite their high ranking positions) earning less than their male peers. US women in the medical fields are paid a fraction of their male counterparts for the same job based on gender and unskilled (low confidence?) wage negotiations. The gender pay gap is prevalent in almost all occupations in the US but isn’t spread evenly. There are some solutions such as pay transparency …show more content…

In fact, on average in the US, the gender pay gap is around 20% (or women earn 80 cents on the dollar compared to men) which seems little when dealing with small amounts of money, but that like saying a man makes $100,000 a year and a woman earns $80,000 for the doing the same job. Some professional workplaces are more progressive than others in that they have smaller or no pay gaps, but on the other end of that, there are some professions that have the largest pay gaps. The occupation with the largest pay gap is financial/insurance companies, meaning that these female lawyers are currently being paid 29% less than males, a whopping 71 cents to the dollar. The medical field on average, despite being one of the most female-dominated occupations, has one of the highest gender pay gaps. Currently, the medical field has the fourth largest gap at 23.3%, or 76 cents on the dollar, according to PayScale (Kauflin). This astonishing reality proves my thesis in that while women are able to be hired for the same job as men because they are women they get paid less. As mentioned earlier, this gap isn’t spread evenly throughout all occupations, also it is not spread evenly throughout the

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