General Adaptation Syndrome Essay

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1.0 Introduction

There has been increased awareness of stress in recent times, and how the general public trying to cope with this problem. There are two factors we can look at stress, namely external and internal factors. Stress is our reaction to any kind of internal or external demand. It's can be either good or bad, which is eustress or distress. During the stress situation, our body releases chemicals into the bloodstream. These chemicals have varied effects, like negative or positive outcomes. What matters most is how a person deals with the situation (Le Fevre, M., Matheny, J., & Kolt, G. S.2003).

There are many aspects of life which can become external stress. Example, when students are stressed due to high pressure from study, classmates …show more content…

General adaptation syndrome is construed as the body’s short and long-term reaction to stress. This syndrome is influenced by a number of factors and symptoms. These are classified as physical, emotional and environmental. This is identified and diagnosed according to the symptoms shown by the person's(Campbell, T. S., Johnson, J. A., & Zernicke, K. A. (2013).

2.1 Symptoms
- The symptoms of General adaptation syndrome largely depends on individual persons conditioning skills. The more common a person will exhibit the following(Selye, H. (2013):-
- Increase in vital signs or decrease in normal levels
- Irritable bowel syndrome
- Headache
- Fatigue
- Difficulty in concentrating
- Insomnia
- Alopecia or hair

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