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I’m applying to the computer science online master's program at Georgia Institute of Technology, especially in the field of machine learning. I believe my extensive research and development in genomics, molecular biology, pharmacy, clinical trial and computer science makes me the ideal candidate for your program.

During the past academic and work experience, I have gained hands-on cross-disciplinary experience among various subjects as mentioned above. It has stimulated me to think about how computer science could apply to biotechnology. With the evolvement of machine learning, we biologists can improve the research methodology from the traditional scientific method to the new way to process big data. Then we can build more accurate models for the risk management and the process of new drug discovery and clinical trials. Also, we can know better the relationship between genome and phenotypes/diseases. Based on my experience, I firmly believe that machine learning will play as a core component of biotechnology. I definitely want to act …show more content…

In my proposal, it will take two years to complete this master’s degree. I will take two fundamental courses for each semester of the first year, and I will speed up my progress by taking three courses each semester in the second year. Also, during the first year, I will gather more information to position myself to fit into the future trend. In addition, because I am interested in developing applications of machine learning in the pharmaceutical industry, I am excited about classes CS6440 Intro to Health Informatics, CS 6400 Database Systems Concepts and Design, and upcoming class CS8803 Biomedical Analytics. They can help me to be more specific to meet my career goal. During the program, I will also self-study from MOOC to help me to gain more background knowledge in each

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