Greasex Line Case Study

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The Greasex line is facing many quality problems, which affect the reputation and profits of the company. Product quality can be improved through efforts made by top management and time-phased plans.

Causes of Quality Problems One of the primary causes of quality problems for the Greasex line is the “lack of a quality attitude”. Employees at this firm do not place a high value on quality. Instead, they are more concerned with meeting production quotas. For example, Mark Hamler, the immediate subordinate to the director-quality assurance, describes the current incident as a “typical quality snafu”. In addition, he also mentions these type of incidents “happen[s] every once in a while”. Also, once these incidents occur, there
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Greasex has been cutting costs, ultimately sabotaging the product and making it undesirable for customers. To begin with, Kolb and his team should take the time to apologize to customers for the lack of product quality. This will help foster good relationships and a positive image for Greasex. One of the causes of Greasex’s quality problems stem from the lack of proper equipment, infrastructure and training. Greasex should spend money on properly training all employees. In addition, Kolb should purchase equipment that is specifically designed for the Greasex products, instead of attempting to adapt existing equipment. Also, routine preventative maintenance should be conducted for this equipment. Lastly, Kolb should ensure that the plastic nozzle heads are designed for Greasex products. If it means that Kolb will have to pay more to meet these specifications, that is in the best interest of the company. This step may take a couple of weeks to…show more content…
This culture is created through a mix of honesty, trust, dignity and respect. Kolb should arrange for direct lines of communication between management and employees, while taking every chance to talk to employees about the changes coming to Greasex. During these communications, management should convey their trust in employees to do their job well. These lines of communication are especially important when management must convey bad news. In addition, employees should be given avenues to express their concerns and suggestions. These can include bulletin boards, a toll-free hotline and regional conferences. Even though not all suggestions will be implemented, it is important to take each of them seriously. Listening and maintaining direct communication with employees should be an ongoing effort, with a few months given to change the company

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