Green Nursing Home Analysis

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After going to the nursing home with my health care class in grade 11 for about a month I decided to volunteer on my own after this field experience ended, at the Heritage Green Nursing Home over the weekends. Also, during school hours I was involved in the Co-op program and was placed in another nursing home called Ridgeview Long-Term Care. I was involved in this program for 5 months. While volunteering one of my responsibilities was to have daily one-on-one visitations, which involved visiting 2-4 of the residents’ daily. The time period for this depended on the time available, about 10 minutes to an hour with each visit. During this time I occasionally pained nails but mainly listened to the residents as they told their stories about life experiences and loved ones. Other responsibilities I had were folding laundry twice a week with the other coop students, assisting the dietary aid in serving breakfast and drinks every morning, cleaning up after meals, and bringing residents back into their rooms after they …show more content…

Some mistakes that I made that taught me well involved me having to move a few residents from one room to another. I did not warn one of them that I was moving them and the resident freaked out about what was going on. This is one major occurrence that comes with forgetting to tell them exactly what is happening. Every resident has a right to know what is going on around them because it can be scary being in the dark of things, so I learned to try and clear up any confusion as much as I can. Although, it was difficult trying to communicate with those that did not either hear, speak or even know English. When it came to this situation I had to learn to use hand signals effectively and learn their hand signals when they try to talk to me in order to understand what they

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