Meadow Brook Assisted Living Center: Case Study

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Meadow Brook’s Assisted Living Center will strive to offer exceptional service that exceeds those of our competitors. We will unite our patients, family, and healthcare providers, on an emotional and spiritual level so that all will be empowered to embrace the rewards of senior life. Code of Professional Conduct that Supports Social Responsibility
Meadow Brook Assisted Living Center
Code of Conduct
Compliance- The codes ruling the conduct of Meadow Brook Assisted Living Center are continuously changing and complex in nature. To ensure that Meadow Brook is in compliance with all laws and standards we have developed a compliance program. Meadow Brook’s “Employee Standards and Code of Ethics” supports and guides our mission to provide quality healthcare within applicable ethical and legal standards. This commitment applies to all …show more content…

Meadow Brook will treat all clients with the dignity and respect and administer care that is imperative and grants each client the ability to maintain their maximum level of physical, emotional and social well-being. We will not base any decisions regarding admission, transfers, or discharges based on race, religion, nationality, or color. Each client that is admitted to Meadow Brook’s will receive a written statement of their client rights. Clients and their agents will be given confidentiality and privacy, and if needed protective services if an opportunity presents itself where there is a need for resolutions of complaints or clerical care.
Regulatory Compliance- Meadow Brook’s will abide by all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. This includes anyone who is employed by or contracted with Meadow Brook’s, and they must acknowledge that they are aware of such laws and regulations.
Referrals- Meadow Brook’s will not pay for referrals. We will accept clients only on clinical needs and our ability to meet those

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