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Activities such as journal writing, group sharing, class discussion, enrichment talks, role-playing, film showing and pen and paper exercises enhance the classroom experience. These sessions are facilitated by both year level counselors and the class advisers. A group dynamic activity is best effective for high school students as they seem to care more about their peers. Groups that see themselves to be unique or distinctive from other groups develop a stronger sense of cohesiveness. In order to maximize the participants' sense of distinctiveness, group dynamic strategies were used in this study. Here, it was the first time of the Grade Seven Students of La Union National High to experience a group dynamic activity in their entire academic…show more content…
The resilience level in the General Posttest is high with a mean rating equal to 4.11. Data were slightly clustered around the mean with the standard deviation equal to 0.63. The score indicates that the students became justly resilient individuals. They are now generally able to bounce back easily from a variety of trying situations and get on with their lives. Essentially, they possess most of the characteristics of a survivor, such as flexibility, self-confidence, optimism and a feeling of control over what happens in their…show more content…
The facilitator encouraged students in knowing oneself to revisit their strengths and adaptive coping behaviors in order to promote self-efficacy making the objective realized.
This activity was followed by Katawan: Taking Care of One’s Body wherein there was also a remarkable change from Moderate to High Resilience. The students described their physical reactions to stress and identified exercises that may help in distressing reactions. Some of the Grade Seven Students even lead and performed stretching exercises before the activity began.
Kalooban: Seeing the Self in Someone’s Eyes was the third activity for the following week. Again, the scores of the students improved from Moderate Resilience to High. This activity was most enjoyed by the students as evidenced by being nervous and eager to know what their classmates wrote about them. They brought about awareness and understanding of the self through others’ descriptions and formulated new ways of behaving and thinking in the face of stress/

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