Hawaiian Day Octopus Essay

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The Hawaiian Day Octopus is part of the mollusk family, and are closely related to squid, cuttlefish, and the Nautilus. They don’t have shells, but compensate with their extremely intelligent and ability to adjust color immediately to match their surroundings. When they are startled or leave a certain area, they release an ink cloud. The objective of this ink cloud is to distract possible predators, (*kind of like in Mario Kart when your screen gets inked). They can also squeeze themselves into tiny cracks. The average lifespan for a Hawaiian Day Octopus is about 1-3 years. They normally only mate once in their lives. They can be anywhere from ½ inch - 3 feet long. Their main source of food is crabs. * The reason you get inked by your competitors …show more content…

They can also weigh up to 2 tons and have a lifespan of about 25 years. They are found mostly on the Hawaiian coastlines. The Manta Rays feed on small fish, crustaceans, and microscopic plankton particles. Fun fact: Manta Rays are related to stingrays and sharks families. Manta Rays are also known as the bird of the sea, because they flap like birds. Manta Rays tend to swim close to the surface and sometimes do leaps out of the water into the air.

Temperature is another very important abiotic factor in a marine biome. If the water is too hot or cold it can affect the species living there. Coral is especially sensitive to temperature. On average the water temperature in the winter in Maui, is 75 °F. In summer the average water temperature is 80 °F.

Coral is not a rock. It is not a plant. It is made up of thousands of tiny animals. These animals are called polyps, and can live on their own, though tend to group up to form coral. Different groups of corals can eat different thing, depending on their size. A coral that is bigger would probably eat small fish, while a coral that is smaller might eat

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