Hawaiian Honeycrepter Analysis

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In Science class, we needed to select a type of Hawaiian Honeycreeper and make a "newsletter" about the specie 's adaptive radiation. We also, needed to make a personal story of their life in Hawaii and the background life of the Honeycreeper we chose. I chose the Palia, this is one of the most extremely endangered honeycreepers. This assignment dresses thinking and problem solving because there were many obstacles to complete the project. First, was getting enough information on the honeycreeper, finding the right format for the project, creating a adaptive radiation graph and making a personal story. I needed to come up with different solutions to complete my project. I am really proud of my final product. The format and the newspaper style I made for my project took a lot of time and effort. This was actually one of my biggest problems. At first, I made the format for my newspaper which took a long time. Then, when the days started to narrow down, I didn 't have enough time to finish it. I had to come up with a different and quicker way to finish my newspaper. I searched online for a format and I found one and was …show more content…

In this assignment, I received help from my peers and Ms. Wilson. My peers edited my assignment and Ms. Wilson offered suggestions and corrected my assignment. I had a hard time to understand some parts of the assignment and making a adaptive radiation diagram. I learned that some things I can 't figure it out on my own, I will need help from others to solve the problem. The most difficult part of completing this assignment was finding enough information for my bird, Palia since it 's critically endangered and they don 't have enough information about them. Another thing that was difficult was making a adaptive radiation diagram. I got help from Sophia and Macaleigh to complete it and find some ancestors of my

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