Healthy Food Vs Unhealthy Food

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Advertisements of Unhealthy Food v. Healthy Food
In this time and day, families find themselves getting busier and busier by the minute. As their children grow older and become more involved in activities such as sports, music, or volunteering around their community, parents find themselves having less time to sit down and prepare a home cooked meal. Parents tend to stop at cheap restaurants as they run their children to and from school and after school activities, stopping to grab a quick bite to eat before they continue on their way to their activities. Parents find this cheap and fast alternative easy on their wallets and easy to satisfy their children 's hunger. Almost anywhere you look, you can be sure to find some type of advertisements for these big industries. But, in this upcoming time and day people have started to question truely how much these industries target and supply unhealthy food without caring about the health of millions of people. The fast food industry lures and relies on busy families who need a fast and cheap dinner,to make money, by advertising these unresisting deals, showing pictures of delicious looking food, and targeting young children with characters that attract them to buy the kids meals; even if some parents do not find fast food as a safe and healthy alternative, most parents have to turn to this alternative to help make their schedule less busy.
People are beginning to really question what types of food products these companies are

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