High School Failure Rate

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Every year, over 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the United States alone. That’s a student every 26 seconds or 7,000 a day. Almost 2000 schools in the United states have a very low 60 percent students graduate, makeing the other 40 percent high chool dropouts.The United States has one of the lowest graduation rates out of all developed countries and the United states must work to get the us back to the top.It might take take years even centuries to get the high school failure rate back down where it used to be but with help from the goverment we can succeed. The high school failure rate is an important issue not just in the United States but also in the world and will eventually lead to students dropping out and it 's hard to …show more content…

Even president Obama has addressed the high school failure rate and now has invested over $3.5 billion dollars into the dropout prevention and recovery strategies program.The president has now also $100 million dollars into a college pathway program that will promote college readiness in high schools. About 2000 high schools in major cities like Detroit, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia dont even cross the 50 percent graduation rates Obama has worked hard to really improve these percentages over the years.The United States Department of Education school turnaround grants will support over 5000 interventions of the nation 's most lowest performing schools.The president 's budget also includes $900 million dollars to support turnaround grants.While the high school failure rate is steadily getting better over the years the United States must keep trying to get it even higher and help future students more successful in life because without a high school diploma there is a very limited things a person …show more content…

Inproving the high school failure rate is inportant because people with high school diplomas have a greater chance of being successful in life and and also decrease things like crime rates in the United States.High school graduates alo make sighnificantly more money han people without diplomas.An high school dropout will make about $200000 less than a high school graduate and around a million dollars less than a colloge graduate.Instead of blaming teachers and the school system the goverment should work to inprove them instead of fireing teachers.Even though the high school failure rate and dropout rate has been slightly increasing over the years,we must work to get it higher and mayby one day the United States will have a 100 percent graduation

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