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3. Home visiting: This is taking from module 6.3 of the block 2 in Public health nursing. Home visit is meeting the health needs of the people at their door steps. A nursing home visit is a family-nurse contact which allows the health worker to assess the home and family situations in order to provide the necessary nursing care and health related activities. ( Dr C. Susila). In home visit the reverse is the case, the health professional goes to the client to give the require health care instead of the client coming to the health professional. 3.1 Personal Context: From my personal view in home visit there is contact between the nurse and the family that allows the health professional to assess the home and the family situations…show more content…
The families are helped to provide a safe and supportive environment for their children, and link them to available community resources and network. 3.3 Application in current job: In my practice as a nurse, it is important to prepare a plan of home visit to meet the needs of the client and achieve the best results of desired outcomes through the use of evidence based strategy. Home visit is the main practice in meeting the needs of a client, family and the community for nursing service and health counseling. 3.4 Current research: Presently research on home visit came out that although are the main people involved in children up bringing other people within the community still have valuable contributions to make. The success of home visit is based on development of positive and respectful relationship. Up to eighty four percent of family pressing health needs were identified during home visits other than clinic visit. 4. Dimensions of Wellness: This is taken from module 2.1 of block 2 in Public health…show more content…
Physical wellness: is the ability to maintain a healthy quality of life that allows us to get through our daily activities without undue fatigue or physical stress.(University of California). 4.1 Personal Context: Wellness describes health status of an individual. It allows health to be placed on a continuum from one’s optimal level (“wellness”) to a maladaptive state (“illness”). Wellness is much more than merely physical health, exercise or nutrition. It is the full integration of states of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. 4.2 Social context: Wellness is a dynamic process that is ever changing. The well person usually has some degree of illness and the ill person usually has some degree of wellness. wellness and illness are opposite because they may occur simultaneously in the same person in varying degrees. The classic description of wellness was developed by Dunn in the early 1960s. According to Dunn (1961), high-level wellness means functioning to one’s maximum health potential while remaining in balance with the

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