How Did Roland Fryer's Experiments Affect Minority Children?

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A Harvard Economist named Roland Fryer he did experiments in hundreds of classrooms in different cities. Fryer used private money to pay 18,000 kids and he spent $6.3 million dollars to do studies. This experiment was done in four cities: Chicago, Dallas, Washington and New York City. These Children were paid for having good test scores and for not fighting each other. Fryer expected a certain city to be more successful, but the experiment had no effect at all. The children that had received money and incentives performed much better. According to Fryer his goal was to see how American White and minority children learn by the year 2025.Fryer was fascinated by children and their academic achievements.
Fryer was 16 years old when his father was arrested for sexual assault, and Fryer had to bail his father out of jail. Fryer raised himself and got a job at McDonald 's and stole money out of the cash register. Then …show more content…

According to fryer, the feedback was going good, the principles were lobbying to get their school switched out of the control groups and into treatment groups. The parents began using paychecks as progress reports and contacting the schools to find out why their children checks went up and down. Duncan seen that this program affected children in ways that was never expected." I remember going to the schools and seeing how excited these kids were when they got their checks they were like pep rallies”.
In New York City, 1.5 million were paid to 8,320 kids for good test scores and this experiment did not work. In Chicago a different Model, these kids earned for their grades they attended school more often and got better grades. This was two accomplishments. These students did not do so well on the standardized test at the end of the school year. In Washington the kids did better on the standardized reading test. These students got paid on routine basis for small accomplishments, for attendance and good behavior this seemed to lead to more learning for

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