How Did The Industrial Revolution Affect New England Culture

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New England Culture

I. In 1620 the Pilgrims on the Mayflower landed on Cape Cod. Later, they settled in Provincetown. In 1614, Captain John Smith called this region New England. The states that occupy New England are, Main, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. This place is located mostly in the Northeastern United States. New England has a short growing season, it is very cold in the winter, and warm in the summer. IT gets a large amount of precipitation. To the east, it is next to the Atlantic Ocean. This place has many rivers and waterfalls. Nowadays, the population is mostly suburban. New England has a lot of culture. This culture of New England has been affected by the Industrial Revolution, the American Revolution, …show more content…

About a year after the Pilgrims landed, Samoset, a leader of the Wabnaki people, taught the pilgrims about the Native tribes in the area.
2. Other native tribes often tried to attack the Pilgrims. In one instance, a native tribe tried to attack the Pilgrims but were scared off by their gunfire.
B. The Industrial Revolution (1760-1830) affected New England’s new and growing culture.

1. The Industrial Revolution caused immigrants from Germany and Ireland to come to New England to get jobs. This immigration caused New England to have a higher percentage of Germans and Irish, making their cultures more prevalent later on.
2. New England has very short farming seasons, causing them to shift from an agricultural society to an industrial society easier.
3. New England also consists of many rivers and streams. During the Industrial Revolution, most factories depended on flowing water to power factories. This also contributed to New England's economy to be industrial rather than agricultural.
C. The American Revolution (1775-1783) affected the way people live in New England.

1. In the American Revolution, New England contributed a large amount of support for independence. They also were the first region to rebel against New …show more content…

New England’s culture nowadays is very diverse and different.

A. New England’s economy is very industrial and has many cities in the heart of New England.

1. Due to the Industrial revolution and higher populations in New England, it has become a very well know place for exports.
2. New England is also known for its fishing and metal works, exporting items around the world.
3. Some large cities include Boston, New Haven, Providence, and Springfield.
B. Food is another item that is a major influence on New England's culture.

1. Dunkin’ Doughnuts is very popular in New England. There is a much higher concentration there than anywhere else.
2. There are also a lot of bakeries, making items like cannoli’s and cheesecake.
V. People enjoy New England by going to many places, and experience New England's food, music, lifestyle, cities, and nature. They visit the Appalachian Mountains, walk the Freedom Trail, and view the historic ports that are still in use today. New England also has a lot of cities for business, and has many national parks. People also enjoy New England's culture. This culture of New England has been affected by the Industrial Revolution, the American Revolution, its geography, and its

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