How Do People Change In Greek Life

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I believe people change due to the people they are around and the atmosphere. Some people want to be different and want to be noticed or acknowledge by others to the point, their attitude change. For example, in college people always say that when you join Greek life. People start assuming that individuals act like they are better than others and start treating their friends, they had before Greek life like the bottom of their shoes or as if they do not exist. Some start to forget where they came from and who helped them get to where they are. In my other opinion, I believe people change because they think that people will judge them for who they are. For example, if you grew up in a rough environment, such as the ghetto; people would think you are ghetto and is not educated because the way you…show more content…
At least, that is what everyone says and wants people to believe, but sometimes some are not lucky to see the next day. As for me, I was blessed that God saw something great in me and decided to give me a second chance. I guess God said, he was not done with me yet and he saw his vision in me to get myself back on the right track. After almost losing my life, I stop partying, drinking, and smoking; started back talking to my family. I had to find a pathway back to loving myself and building a strong foundation connection with God. I left my sinner ways behind me and went back to church.
I found ways to help me cope with my changes and I stay true to my decisions. Some changes are good for the better. It all depends on whether you are willing to accept the change or if you want to continue living the same life. We should never take our life for granted no matter what the situation may be. If some people consider change, I hope they make a good change and not a bad one. People change every day and we will just have to accept it unless we feel as if it will cause harm to an individual’s
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