How Does Climate Change Affect Our Future

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An informative article by David Wallace-Wells discusses how climate change can affect our future while also highlighting how our future might look when this change happens. The article makes it clear that climate change is a direct cause of the human activities. David points out many ways human civilization might be adversely affected due to climate change. He provides many different ways and studies that correlate with climate change. In a total of eight different studies, David provides ways that humans will be affected severely in the future. In the first scenario, David described how our “Doomsday” vault containing our seeds and plant life in case of a major catastrophic was flooded due to the ice melting. He describes how the permafrost containing trillions of tons of carbon could be released into the air due to permafrost thaw. It mentions how this release of carbon could turn into methane which is worse and causes more heating. The second scenario is what David calls a “Heath Death.” In this scenario, David describes how just a slight change of 11-12 degrees in temperature could kill nearly half of the world’s population. He describes how an increase could cause many health problems such as kidney failure and a decrease in life expectancy. In the third scenario, there is a possibility of a decline or end of food. David points out that for every increase in temperature, food yields decrease by around ten percent. With this and the current path we are headed, we will 50 percent …show more content…

The article stated how even if we stopped our harmful activities within the decade, it would still be too late as we have started a process that is very hard to overturn. With this, I am truly enlightened on the topic of climate change and I highly recommend this article to people of all ages, especially our

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