How To Use Cell Phone In School

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CELL PHONES IN SCHOOL Cell phones are the best friends of humanbeings. Everyone, even the little kids and old people use it everywhere and anytime they want. This includes teenagers using cell phones at the place where they learn, schools. Like the rest of the world, Turkish students use it regularly too. Let’s talk about Robert College. Nearly every RC student has a cell phone and they bring them in school. It’s not forbidden, they are free to carry their cell phones with them. As a matter of fact, in some classes they use it as a tool. However, some teacher in RC thinks that cell phones should be banned. They think it distracts students from the lesson and make them lose their attention to class. However, students should use and bring them in school, because it is a very powerful tool for learning, it’s handy and students can access information anytime they want. Cell phone is like mini computer, it’s handy, portable and it has a limitless information source. People frequently need to look for the information they need right away by using that limitless source. According to a research by Pew Internet and American Life Project cell phones became…show more content…
It can cause many problems. Parents always want to be in touch with their children. They want to know what they are doing and where they are at. Also, they reach immediately to call their children if there is an emergency. Many parents adjust pickups and after-school activities with their children, so they want to be able to reach them anytime. They get anxious easily if they can’t reach them and it can cause disruptions. Some people may say like that “Parents can call the school and ask for their children.” Think about it, if every parent call the school anytime they need to talk to their children, the school system would slow down, and they might not find the student easily. It would be disaster. , so students should carry their cellphones with
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