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Human child trafficking in Africa Humans- Not For Sale. An estimated 1.2 million children are trafficked each year in Africa. “Africa has the highest incidence of child labour in the world. According to the ILO, 41 per cent of all African children between the age of 5 and 14 are involved in some form of economic activity” (Child Labour Rooted in Africa’s Poverty). Human child trafficking is a global phenomenon happening right now in every country in the world, also the second fastest growing criminal industry. Human trafficking of children in Africa have negatively affected the children due to the families and family values being brainwashed from them, and instead they are forced to commit acts of sexual prostitution or slavery.

Human trafficking
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“Poverty a major and ubiquitous causal factor, which greatly limits vocational and economic opportunities in rural areas in particular and pushes families to use all available avenues to increase their meager incomes”(Harsch). The family experience poverty because of the stress they take to find the child. The family have to deal with the pain of not having their child around and be stressing so much they sometimes they pay the bills on time and suddenly everything is taking away from them. Some families believe they have nothing else left when they child go missing so they just live a dirty low life, and sometimes the parents will start even using drugs and drinking to ease their minds. Also sometimes the kidnapper wants money for ransom, which the parents are willing to pay, even though its possible they want get or ever see their child again. When the parents give their all into the taker they give up for a little while by losing hope, but once again be back on their mission to save their child from the danger. It also makes the parent be more effective about whom their child is with or where they go, because they know it can be dangerous. It affect the family by making them become

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