IL Duce: Benito Mussolini Villain

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Benito Mussolini “War alone brings up their highest tension all human energies and imposes the stamp of nobility upon the peoples who have the courage to make It.” – Benito Mussolini. Benito Mussolini was born in 1883 In Dovia dipredappio, Forli, Italy. Benito Mussolini also known as “ IL Duce” is a WWII villain. Benito Mussolini was charged with eight war crimes such as Italian troops committing atrocities like the use of mustard gas, the bombing of Red Cross hospitals and ambulances, the execution of captured prisoners without trial, the Graziani massacre, the killings at Däbrä Libanos monastery, and the shooting of "witch-doctors" accused of prophesying the end of fascist rule. Benito Mussolini as a child possessed character…show more content…
Mussolini made a group paramilitary unit called the “Black Shirts,” they would terrorise political opponents. Mussolini was successful and by 1922 Italy slipped into political chaos. Mussolini saw this as a chance to gain authority of Italy. Soon after this happened Mussolini declared that on he could restore order and he was given authority. By 1925 Mussolini had dismantled all democratic institution. Then Mussolini made himself a dictator and gave himself the name “IL Duse” (“The Leader”). This character trait is what helped Benito Mussolini become a…show more content…
Mussolini ran his country (Italy) with military power. Mussolini made Italy a police state and outlawed other political parties. Mussolini made sure he was in full control of the military by naming himself the supreme commander of each branch of Italy’s military. Mussolini invaded Ethiopia to show the strength of his regime. Ethiopia had no chance against Italy modern weaponry and was soon defeated. Benito Mussolini was making a name for himself and Adolf Hitler was soon interested in making a relationship with Benito Mussolini. The two alliance would soon be known as the “ Pact of steel.” This is one character trait that Benito Mussolini exceeded in. One character trait that leads to Benito Mussolini down fall would be his lack of intelligence. Mussolini lack of intelligence lead him to make grievous mistakes during the war. For instance, when Mussolini declared the Italian Navy a key branch of the military, this allowed large amounts of the military’s fund to be given to this branch. This caused the Infantry to make due with outdated weapons and untrained personnel. The out dated infantry army is what made Italy fall to American. This is one character trait that you don’t want to have if you are Benito
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