Imagineed Community: Imagined Community In The Philippines

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As we all know, up until today our country, the Philippines is considered as a third world country. After all those years that have passed, all those struggles that we Filipinos have come across just to have that freedom. After those lost lives of brave Filipinos who really pursuit freedom for our country, we are still considered a third world country, a poor country. Have you ever wondered why? There are a lot of answers for that question. First of all, I want to explain why we call our community as “Imagined Community”. Imagined community is a concept created by Benidict Anderson. It means it is an idea of a person belonging to a larger group in concept only but he or she does not meet directly with the other members of this group. Compared to a cooperative or a fraternity group where the members know and inter act with each other. There are also processes that create these communities like the territorialization of religious faiths, the interaction between capitalism and print, the development of vernacular languages-of-state, and changing conceptions of time. I am going to start with the little reasons of why is it so hard to live in this community. And I think it is good to start explaining the little thing first because we could all be on track and easily find were we started to make problems for our community. Most of the time big problems start from small mistakes. I think one of the reasons is our attitude towards some objectives and responsibilities. Our

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