Importance Of Portrayal In Media

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Portrayal Portrayal is defined as “the act of showing or describing someone or something especially in a painting, book, etc. or “the way in which an actor plays a character”. ( Synonyms of word portrayal are representation, description, likeness, imitation etc. ( Portrayal in Media The term portrayal in media is defined as “The choices that are made when it comes to portraying something or someone in a mass media text. It 's impossible to portray every aspect of an individual in a photograph, or even in a feature film, so certain features of their personality and appearance get highlighted, and are often enhanced, when it comes to constructing the representation that the audience will see”. ( Importance of portrayal of countries in mass media We make assumption about cultures and nations in the world by relying on arbitrated filmic info we received through mass media. (Mitra, 1999) According to Lippman (1922) information about outside world is grabbed by people by relying on mass media. (As cited in Cho & Lacy,2000,p.830). Representations in very realistic ways in mass media such as films play a very crucial role in effecting people’s behavior towards other groups. (S. Ramasubramanian, 2005). The negative portrayal of any nation is lethal and seductive during conflicts. In such time the “other” nations and cultures are presented as non-civilized. Movies always transmit selected representations of reality to

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