Importance Of Values In America

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Every country on earth has a different set of values and beliefs that influences the daily life of the citizens as well as the culture of the country. This also applies to the USA whose values and beliefs have made them renowned across the entire world and attracted millions of immigrants with the dream of a better standard of living. Probably the most well-known value is individual freedom. This value means that every American has the freedom to control their own destiny without influence from an outside authority. This value emerged in 1776 when the USA declared their independence from the British colonists. The new nation limited the power of the church, outlawed titles of nobility to be certain an aristocratic society didn’t develop, and most importantly they gave the power to the people by establishing a democratic state. This resulted in a society where everyone had the freedom to decide how they would like to spend their life. Individual freedom also has a cost, which is self-reliance. This value means that each individual has the ought to take responsibility for themselves as early as possible. The Americans also have the persuasion that they must be self-reliant to maintain their individual freedom, because of this many Americans want to appear self-reliant although they aren’t. To obtain respect, it’s necessary to appear self-reliant, which explains why it’s crucial for Americans to appear self-reliant. Equality of opportunity is another American value. This
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