Importance Of Zoo, Zoos And Circus Violate Animal Rights

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Zoos, aquariums and circus violate animal rights and should be shut down Humans have an insatiable hunger for watching animals. Every year, millions of people go zoos, aquariums and circus on to enjoy watching kinds of animals. According to Encarta ( 2003), humans maintained big collections of the animal from the past until now. They were not zoos in this sense. Typically, these ancient collections were not exhibited in public parks, or they were maintained for other purposes. For example, the Romans kept animals to have levied fodder and, they kept it to present their power. Now a day there are zoos. The first modern zoo was established in 1752 and continues to attract visitors to this day in Vienna. Moreover, researchers define zoos as public parks which presenting animals. (Cited in Jamieson,1985). Although some people claim that Zoos, aquariums and circus violate animal rights and should be shut down to liberate animal from the captivity, many proponents believe that Zoos, aquariums, and circus have important benefits in amusement and education. According to Encarta ( 2003), an animal should be liberated from the captivity and get their freedom. There is a moral presumption against keeping wild animals in captivity. What this involves, after all, is taking animals out of their native habitats, transporting them large distances and keeping them in strange environments in which their liberty is severely limited. Animals are prevented from gathering their
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