Social Media Decision Making

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Social media greatly contributes to the successes of the business, as most of potential consumers, partners and always does social media search before decision-making. Social media positions and communicates the higher learning institutions products to the key stakeholders with immediate spreads effects. With the same aspect competitors may
A study by Hajli (2014) on the influence of social media found that, Social media consumers creates content review and recommendations that offers valuable contribution on others decision -making. They also provide opportunities for business to become more attractive worldwide. On the same view social media platform is the critical tool toward the creation of social support since it empowers customers
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Meanwhile, Statistics shows that, social media connects more 7 billion people who uses social media everyday worldwide. Ordinary, 453 million users of social media in daily basis are from Africa.Nevertheless, Tanzania Communication and Regulatory Authority (TCRA) report shows that, more 22.9million people are using internet and social media in Tanzania.
Moreover, for more than 5 decades now thetraditional media. Radio, Television and print media has been dominating the practice of public relations in the world. With traditional media public relations mainly focused on information dissemination of which basically was one way communication. Conversely, the increase in completion and scramble for competitive advantages in business influences the changes of public relations practice in the organization. Thus, then organization are recently striving for customer feedback and relationship through effective
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Also, Wright and Hinson (2015) on their study on examining the social media and emerging technologies on the public relations use shows that public relations practitioners strongly agree that social media and other emerging media are changing the way public relations are being practiced.
The reviewed studies shows that, the emerging of new media are beginning the changes on the way public relations are being practiced. Therefore, the present study aims at exploring extends to which social media impacts public relations activities in the business operation of higher learning institution in
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