Informative Essay: Does Global Climate Change Real?

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One of the biggest debates in our country as well as other countries is whether global climate change is real or not. Many studies show that it is real and is currently affecting the planet as we speak. Scientists have found that greenhouse gases are the biggest culprit to the many issues that we have going on with our planet. Greenhouse gases are the result of pollution which has now trapped gases, such as carbon dioxide, into our atmosphere. From this effect, greenhouse gases cause dramatic temperature changes, melting of the polar caps/glaciers, and major weather phenomenon all over the world. “Gases that trap heat in the atmosphere are called greenhouse gases” (A Student's Guide to Global Climate Change). Due to these gases, scientists have noticed a rise in average climate temperatures all over the world. Rising temperatures affect humans considering it can cause illness like heat cramps and heat stroke or even death. High temperatures can also cause a chain reaction that can affect the oceans, weather patterns, snow, and plants/animals. If humans don’t make different changes in their lifestyle, the Earth’s …show more content…

The Artic glaciers usually get bigger in the winter and smaller in the summer but due to the fact that glaciers purpose is to reflect the suns light back out to space. Since scientists recent studies the amount of ice in the Artic is “-the smallest it’s been since scientists started using satellites to measure the area covered by ice back in the 1970s” (A Student's Guide to Global Climate Change). Overall if we do not change our habits as humans the glaciers will continue to shrink which will affect animals as well as people. Most animals in the Artic depend on the sea ice for ways of shelter and for hunting grounds. If these creatures are forced to move or die off it becomes difficult for the native people who rely upon these animals as a major source of

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