Intermedix Corporation Case Study

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Introduction Relevance of the topic The growing companies and corporations face many problems by managing human resources. Constantly increasing number of employees and high fluctuation cause difficulties in assessing the effectiveness and creating positive organisational climate. De Vries (2001) found out that the organisational climate is one of the criteria, which has an impact on the success of the organisation. Successful organisations can be distinguished by organisational climate, which supports and fosters the motivation and well-being of the employees. Intermedix Corporation is an international corporation, which steadily grows and experiences before mentioned problems of high employees’ fluctuation and low retention rate. Intermedix…show more content…
These results will help to assess the overall organisational climate of the company, as well as to compare the situation among the teams. The empirical research also will conclude, if there is any relationship between leaders’ emotional intelligence and the organisational climate in their teams. The results will help to provide managerial solutions for Intermedix Corporation, explaining which criteria are influencing the company most and what should be done, in order to increase the satisfaction of employees by improving organisational climate, considering every dimension separately and providing strategic plan, together with practical solutions, for Human Resource Management of Intermedix…show more content…
Intermedix Corporation provides mainly technological solutions and database services for health care institutions around the world. The company dates back in 1978 in Florida, the U.S. In 1981 the company has changed its focus from billing traffic tickets for Emergency Medical Services (EMS), which was a relatively new industry. The products of the company provide technology solutions for federal, state, and local government agencies, healthcare providers, and corporations. Intermedix Corporation has been a leader in health care business services for more than 30 years. Today, with more than 2500 employees, Intermedix Corporation processes more than 15 million patient encounters, collects more than $3 billion in revenues and connects more than 95% of the United States population through its emergency preparedness and response technologies. From 2002 Intermedix Corporation acquired many companies and is constantly growing. (Intermedix Annual Report, 2014). At this moment Intermedix Corporation has 29 offices in the U.S., United Kingdom and New Zealand and has clients in 25 countries. Intermedix Lietuva supports the parent company with its qualified workforce, technological knowledge, mostly providing technology and analytical services for Intermedix

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