Swot Analysis Of Morrison Supermarket Plc

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The organisation am going to talk about is Morrison Supermarket plc. Wm Morrisons plc is the fourth largest food retailer in the UK, with 439 stores, 132,000 employees and an annual income of over £17.680 billion (2014 figures). The arrival of Dalton Philips as CEO in 2014 marked a new era in the retailer. While many of the strengths that had made the chain successful were retained, it was clear that the company was suffering from a perception that it represented a low-cost, northern brand and as a result was failing to win over potential new customers. What is it meant by Internal Factors? By Internal I mean inner strengths and weaknesses that are in an organization, Internal factors can affect how good a company meets its purposes, and…show more content…
Request for products and services will act on the number of people needed in certain departments. Businesses can look to move into new markets if the business grows. Technology change can also act on the inside working arrangements, equipment leads to redundancies, new training may be needed and so on (Internet getting things at store and self-scan checkouts). If we look at Morrison their plans are that dependent workers will help define and deliver the organizations of vision and values to all Morrisons. Skills requirements: Evaluating the skills of the current workers is an essential part of human resources planning as it helps a business to build up a profile of the training, experience and qualifications that employees already have. This is very important whether the business is wealth intensive or work intensive. As the environment and type of work changes in the business, so do the skills requirements. If we look at Morrison Talent management skill is really important because the manager need to know what he’s doing to make the company succeed against it competitors. • Costumer Service • Team Work •…show more content…
Human Resources need to plan labour costs depending on the business capital, they look at skills needed by that organization to make the company save more money in terms of recruiting, and the government controls the national wage. If we look at Morrison they have a strategy called M saver budget this help again backdrop or a difficult environment for the customers, they also continue to improve their financial performances while investing in the
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